Not to be like Ron Wayne

Not to be like Ron Wayne

History remembers only the winners - fools end up on its archives. The best example of this is Ron Wayne. He was the now forgotten partner of two famous Steves - Jobs and Wozniak. The difference between them was small, yet crucial: Jobs and Wozniak believed that their Startup would achieve greatness and because of that they had a great impact on the fate of IT. Wayne didn’t have enough faith.

The Founders of Apple

Ronald Wayne was the owner of 10% of shares in Apple. However, in 1976 (almost at Apple’s peak moment) he doubted his company, so being ...

Will 2015 be the year of medical and children education apps?

Will 2015 be the year of medical and children education apps?

If you take a look at the startup scene you might notice it resembles a big anthill. There are lots of startup ideas but only a few will turn out to be successful. According to Y Combinator Startup School founder Paul Graham, as much as 511 companies have attended startup school out of which only 37 have thrived. The ones that made it were the ones that were able to predict the expectations of the market and knew how to proceed in order to meet them. We are no psychics but we keep up with the world’s newest startup ...

How to find a great web development agency for startups?

How to find a great web development agency for startups?

If you’re a non-technical founder starting a new tech business finding the right tech partner may seem horrifying. With hundreds of companies out there it’s difficult to filter out those  reputable and trustworthy ones and the research plus selection process may take ages if conducted improperly. What’s the best company size? Should you go for a local or offshore agency? How to check if a dev shop is good for startups? 

Here are few tips on what to pay attention to when browsing web consultancies’ websites:

1. Specialisation

The majority of software companies work on all types ...

5 quick and cost-effective ways of building your application prototype

5 quick and cost-effective ways of building your application prototype

More and more people start their adventure with entrepreneurship recently and although they are all connected by common aspirations each founder-to-be has a different set of circumstances and constraints that affects his decision making. Because of that there is no universal solution to building a prototype successfully, everyone needs to make an individual decision based on what is possible in a given situation. By far the most common restrictions that entrepreneurs mention to me are: time and budget. That’s why I put together a summary of the most efficient approaches to prototyping, depending on how much time and money ...

6 tips for building a Startup dream team

6 tips for building a Startup dream team

When you start your own business there comes a time when you need to start building your team. As exiting this might be, at times it can also be confusing and frustrating. Choosing the perfect people for your Startup might not be easy but here are six tips to make the process easier!

Identify your business’ needs

Before you start looking for potential team members the first thing you need to do is evaluate the place at which your startup is standing at the moment and what are the plans you have for its future. It might be helpful to ...

The perfect office space for your startup

The perfect office space for your startup

Do you know what Amazon, Apple, Google, and Disney have in common? They all started in garages. But in every company’s life comes a moment to move out of home. Which kind of office space should you use for your startup?

Starting from home-based business

A home office is a perfect solution for early-stage startups because occupancy costs are effectively zero. Many well-known companies started like that, for example DELL, which was at first ran from Michael Dell’s dorm room. However, home provides many distractions - physically leaving it to go to an office may help you to be ...



If you already have an idea for your business and you are determined to start, It's high time you take the first step to make your dream a reality - create a business plan and look for an adequate source of financing.

Estimate well, how much money do you need to start.

The most important thing is to estimate how much money you will need to kick off your project. Contrary to popular belief you don't need much to start. However, you have to plan well your budget, where and when your money is going to go, and how ...

Should you start?

Should you start?

Many times we hear people talking about these brilliant ideas for business they have. Then, we meet them again after five years and guess what? They still have brilliant ideas, they wish they could realize. If you feel like one of those dreamers it's high time to stop talking and start doing.

Be clear on your motivation

Before quitting your job and starting a new, better, entrepreneurial life in a wooden shed in your parent's backyard, ask yourself WHY do you want to start. Going into business for the wrong reasons is one of the most commonly committed ...

Some facts about Silicon Valley you didn’t know

Some facts about Silicon Valley you didn’t know

What most people have heard about Silicon Valley is that it is known as the hub of technology and Startups. It is located in San Francisco and the majority of successful startups or companies were born there. But what’s really behind it, who started it all and what’s with the name? Want to know the answers to these and other questions? Keep on reading for more.


When it was still known as Valley of Heart’s Delight, Silicon Valley was mainly an agricultural area with very few habitants. Because of its fertile soil and great climate it ...

Remote working guide. Part two: B2B

Remote working guide. Part two: B2B

In our last post you could read about remote work from a point of view of an employee. How about business to business relations in an aspect of remote work? What’s the thing with hiring a dev company from a foreign country? How a dev company can prove it’s credibility to attract clients from abroad?

Before signing a contract

Since you and your potential dev team live too far away to meet and get to know each other, it’s vital that before signing a contract you have proves that the team is worth your time and money ...