6 tips for building a Startup dream team

6 tips for building a Startup dream team

When you start your own business there comes a time when you need to start building your team. As exiting this might be, at times it can also be confusing and frustrating. Choosing the perfect people for your Startup might not be easy but here are six tips to make the process easier!

Identify your business’ needs

Before you start looking for potential team members the first thing you need to do is evaluate the place at which your startup is standing at the moment and what are the plans you have for its future. It might be helpful to create a long term plan specifying the actions you need to take in order to achieve your goals. Once you do that you will be able to identify what are the key skills  your Startup needs.

Identify your weaknesses

Once you identify the skillset your startup needs it’s time to identify which of those skills you arleady have and which of them are still missing. The best way to this is to evaluate your own strenghts and weaknesses. After you do this you may start looking for a person who has the skills that compliment yours. For instance if you are a great developer but you lack marketing knowledge you must definitely look for a person who can help you with that area. This is a very important step since you need to create a balanced team who can manage all the needs of your business. 

Remember that more doesn’t always mean better

One common mistake early stage startups make is that they start hiring lots of people at once, instead of building a strong team gradually. It is crucial that at the beggining you hire only the people you actually need at that exact moment, otherwise you may find yourself in a chaotic enviroment with no clue on what to do next. Once you achieve growth and stability you might start thinking about hiring new team members for supporting roles and even start looking for people that could help you with your future plans. 

Don’t be afraid of remote

Another common mistake founders make is being afraid of hiring remote team members. Many assume that remote working equals less productivity, poor comunication and a worse quality of work overall, which is not necessarily true.There are some great advantages of hiring a remote team, the biggest of them being the fact that you can aquire the best talent there is without worrying about distance limitations. While looking for a new employee you must be cautious because remote working isn’t for everyone. A great remote employee needs to have traits such as self discipline, a sense of responsibility and a great ability to communicate (which nowadays is easier since you have access to tools such as Trello or Skype). If you find a person with those qualities you can be sure you won’t regret deciding on bulding a remote team.

Cosider hiring freelancers

It’s always important to have a trial period for every new hire in order to evaluate whether that person is the right fit for your business. Hiring freelancers for a particular project may be a great first step - you can actually get to see what are the strenghts and weaknesses of that person, and work on them throughout the process.  This kind of arrangement may also turn out to be the perfect choice since not every task needs a full time position. The additional perk of hiring a freelancer is the fact that when you  get to the moment a certain position needs a full time employee you already will have a candidate who knows what are the exact requirements of that certain job. Not only that person will be familiar with your expectations but throughout time both of you will be able to develop a mutual work routine making that transition much easier.

Have a vision of the work culture you want to implement in your business

If you have a vision you will be able to narrow down the kind of person you’re looking for.You both should share the same values and approach to work. This might sound trivial but people always forget about it. You must remmber to definitely look for people  with the same level of passion and commitment as yours. You need someone who’s on the same page as you. This person should share your vision and be willing to work hard in order to achieve your mutual goals.

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