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Remote working guide. Part two: B2B

Remote working guide. Part two: B2B

In our last post you could read about remote work from a point of view of an employee. How about business to business relations in an aspect of remote work? What’s the thing with hiring a dev company from a foreign country? How a dev company can prove it’s credibility to attract clients from abroad?

Before signing a contract

Since you and your potential dev team live too far away to meet and get to know each other, it’s vital that before signing a contract you have proves that the team is worth your time and money ...

Hardware Startups' Heaven!

Hardware Startups' Heaven!

The Makerland Conference

For three days (17-19.03) Warsaw, to be more specific Copernicus Science Center, became a land of makers. They came from various countries to exchange their skills and experience, build cool stuff and have fun at the same time. The key feature of Makerland are asynchronous workshops where you can join and leave any time during conference. The idea is also to have inspirational talks in the morning so everyone could be full of positive energy to create. Ewa and I were part of organizing team and these are our afterthoughts.  


There were about 320 attendees ...

How to evaluate a startup idea?

How to evaluate a startup idea?

Entrepreneurs all over the world come up with hundreds of ideas every day. But is every idea worth a kick off? Each of them is worth a deeper thought - that’s for sure, although not all of them are worth development. How to evaluate a startup idea? How to build basis for starting business? We’ve met quite a few startups’ founders and by the way they measured their chances of success we would like to share with you some tips.

1. Idea

Startup ideas we’ve worked with were usually a result of their designers’ or their communities’ need ...

We're hiring!

Hello there!

We're looking for kick-ass people to enforce our team.
We've decided to do it our way, though.

Below you'll find an infographic that explains who our ideal peers are.
Share this info with your friends! We're looking forward to meet them!

Click here: to apply. 

Sorry the infographic is in Polish but currently we're looking for people to our Warsaw office.
Stay tuned and we'll let you know if anything changes.


Startup in distress - consulting services wanted.

Startup in distress - consulting services wanted.

Early stage startups face quite a few problems like: where do I find investors? how to build a perfect team? what’s the best way to attract customers? Until they reach the moment when they are “more like a pirate than a small business owner, and more like a hacker than a programmer” they may use some backup. Internet is full of information but the most valuable lessons are learned through human interaction. Great startup idea at some point will need consulting session with a professional but it’s kind of expensive and it’s not always obvious to whom ...