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6 tips for building a Startup dream team

6 tips for building a Startup dream team

When you start your own business there comes a time when you need to start building your team. As exiting this might be, at times it can also be confusing and frustrating. Choosing the perfect people for your Startup might not be easy but here are six tips to make the process easier!

Identify your business’ needs

Before you start looking for potential team members the first thing you need to do is evaluate the place at which your startup is standing at the moment and what are the plans you have for its future. It might be helpful to ...

Some facts about Silicon Valley you didn’t know

Some facts about Silicon Valley you didn’t know

What most people have heard about Silicon Valley is that it is known as the hub of technology and Startups. It is located in San Francisco and the majority of successful startups or companies were born there. But what’s really behind it, who started it all and what’s with the name? Want to know the answers to these and other questions? Keep on reading for more.


When it was still known as Valley of Heart’s Delight, Silicon Valley was mainly an agricultural area with very few habitants. Because of its fertile soil and great climate it ...