Meet the team that transforms startup ideas into fine tuned web and mobile applications.
  • Lukasz Karwacki - CEO
    Lukasz Karwacki
    Lukasz graduated from Kingston University and started his professional career in London as a web designer in a marketing agency. After several years he moved to Warsaw, Poland and set up a software development company. His background and passion has always been user interface design but he currently spends most of his time on managing the company and working directly with clients & startup communities of Western Europe and the US.

    Lukasz loves good reads and movies, enjoys skating and rowing and is interested in street art and British men fashion of the twentieth century.
  • Przemek Lewandowski - CTO
    Przemek Lewandowski
    Przemek used to be a freelance developer and a Warsaw University of Technology student before he joined Lukasz and co-founded Sunscrapers. Motivated by true passion, he now takes care of the technical side of the business: he chooses the right technology, keeps the whole team in high productivity and is on guard of our continuous improvement.

    After hours he enjoys swimming and working out. You may also meet him randomly somewhere in Europe during one of his hitchhiking trips.